Benefits of Niche Job Platform

5 ways, How a Niche Job Site can Ease Off your Hiring Process!

A Niche Job Site? Why? What benefits will I get from it as a Recruiter?

While I am already using 2 to 3 different Recruitment Solutions for my hiring needs. Why should I invest my Time & Money again onto a new whole new Job Portal?

You must have asked these questions multiple times to yourself, right?

Yes, your question is valid & we appreciate that. As an End User, you should always raise/ ask these type of critical questions to us?

It will not only clear your doubts but at the same time, it will give us a chance to Think, Ideate, & Create a path-breaking solution for you.

Here at JobsFrontier, we have tried the exact same thing. After studying the Digital Marketing Jobs market & it’s problem in detail for several years we have tried to solve a long-standing Quest.

Which I will explain to you today through this article.

So, now let’s come to the big question, WHY? Why JobsFrontier? Why another Recruitment Solution?

I think you have missed the word “Niche”, where the main reason lies.

You must be using half a dozens of such “All in One Job Sites” but, when you are hiring for your Digital Marketing needs,

  • Does any of those serve your core purpose?
  • Does any of those address specifically your requirement?
  • Does any of those give an option to solve your purpose in a cost-effective manner?

I think, NO!

That’s where we intervene to change the existing landscape by creating a Niche Job Platform.

And for whom it is? It is for One of the Fastest Growing Business Horizons of the World “Digital Marketing”.

So if you have read our introductory post then I think you got an idea of why we have started JobsFrontier.

It is to cater to the Job Demand of millions of Aspiring/ Seasoned professionals from Digital Marketing domain of this country.

Basically, it’s a One Stop shop for all the Employers/ Recruiters & Job Seekers who are either looking for new Talent or Job in this paradigm.

Now let’s break down the exact benefits you will get from here. Just have a look,

#1. Niche Set of Audiences

For Recruitment purposes while you are are looking for highly qualified resources, there is no benefit of just hitting around the bush.

It will simply burn down your Money & Time. Now you must be thinking, how it relates to your current situation? Let me explain.

You must have worked with all such A2Z Job Portals which have overcrowded the Market but do you know what the main problem of such Portals?

They may have a large number of a userbase, may be in Millions but how many of them are relevant to your specific demand?

You are looking for candidates in Digital Marketing, but there you will get profiles from all professions.

But if you get a Niche Job Platform like JobsFrontier, where 100% of the profiles are from various areas of Digital Marketing only, how will it be?

Cent Percent Targeted & Moderated profiles for your requirements.

Wouldn’t that be great?

It will not only save a significant amount of time of yours but this will be much more cost effective.

#2. Simple like Nothing

Simplicity is our utmost priority. We don’t want to confuse our users with High-Fi Dashboards with dozens of unnecessary options.

It may look very rich & classy at first shot but if you think about the utility aspect then a simple interface/ dashboard with essential features is the main thing we all want.

Because Recruiters/ HRs are busy persons, every day they have to scrutinize hundreds of CVs for a specific post to find out the best Candidate.

So a complex & unnecessarily rich dashboard will not only confuse them but gradually lower their interest level down from using it.

So keeping this in mind, we have created a very Simple, Minimalistic & Intuitive Dashboard without compromising any of the essential features.

Just Register as an Employer & check this out by yourself. You will get the difference.

#3. Crafted Solution which fits into your pocket

Nowadays Digital Marketing has become an indispensable arsenal for all business verticals.

But not every company is equally cash rich like large Large Enterprises/ MNCs. Many small companies/ SMEs are there who runs on a very stipulated budget for Hiring.

& the number of these companies are relatively large.

Keeping this in mind we have kept a very Economical Pricing. So that from Large Enterprise to small 5 – 10 persons organization, anyone can afford our offerings.

Just create your Profile & Try the very First Job Posting absolutely Free.

#4. Track & Measure Activity

There is no benefit of using a service or platform if you can’t Track & Measure the outputs/ returns.

Obviously, when you are Posting your Requirements on JobsFrontier, you will definitely want to know,

  • How many persons actually viewed your requirements
  • Total no of applications
  •  Number of Clicks &
  • Many more.


Our detailed Analytical Dashboard has the capability to show you all these data with a proper graphical representation for your better understandability.

#5. Swift Support & On-Demand Assistance

If you face any problem with our Service/ Platform just connect with us by creating a Ticket. Within 12 – 24 hrs we will resolve your issue.

Currently, no other Job Portal is there which offers this type of benefits.

So will you still be asking, what is the need for a Niche Job Portal?

Just use JobsFrontier once & let me know your views about our initiative of revamping the Digital Marketing Hiring scenario.

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