Is Career in Digital Marketing Right for you?

7 Questions you must ask yourself before choosing a Career in Digital Marketing!

Wanna make a Career in Digital Marketing? You have chosen one of the fastest growing Career option & the Right one.

Because “Digital” isn’t just a buzzword anymore rather it has become a most talked about word in today’s Business & Marketing Paradigm.

With 500 million Internet users (rapidly growing) in India itself, Digital is gradually becoming the hottest property for marketers & advertisers, thrashing all its competitors.

Specifically, due to its highly measurable ROI driven approach, Digital Media has become the hotshot destination for all the marketers.

So standing in 2018, not only for the business owners but for the Job Seekers/ Career Enthusiasts also it’s a Gold Mine from both Scope & Monetary aspect.

As the market is growing in leaps & bounds, equally the demand for highly Skilled/ Trained Digital Marketing Professionals is also increasing.

According to the report,

By 2020 the Job opportunities in Digital Industry itself will reach to an astounding figure of 20 million in India.

So if you are thinking about shaping up your Career in Digital Marketing, I must say “Just do it” because it’s the high time. The Present & Future of Digital Marketing is really bright.

But, don’t simply go for it because there is a demand in the market. You can’t spend the rest of your life choosing such a career which is only the demand of the market.

There should also be a knack in yourself on that subject. Otherwise, you will remain as just another mediocre person for your entire life & will never be able to excel.

Because Digital Marketing is not a small thing, it’s like an ocean. And to swim their like a champ only a formal Training & your half-hearted interest will not suffice.

You need some specific Aptitude & Attitude. Basically, you need to ask yourself some vital questions & through those, you will get the answer.

So, what questions, right? Here are those just have a look,

#Question 1.

Is this really that subject which you want to pursue or it’s just a matter of fact & I am just going with the motion of the present time?


  1. No, this is not out of a fluke, I really enjoy it & wanna make a career in it.
  2. Okay, let me think. I am not too sure yet. Let me spend some time in this field then only I will be able to tell.

#Question 2.

I am not from Technology background, so will I ever be able to shine? Because there is so many technical stuff, like the search engine, algorithm, Analytics & blah blah blah.


  1. Okay, So what? It seems a really fun Journey. & I may not have the degree but I really like to play with tech stuff & there must have few areas which will require less tech. So, there I can excel.
  2. Oh God; I thought it will be cool but after knowing all the stuff It’s seeming really arcane to me. It’s surely not my cup of tea.

#Question 3.

Money is my Top most concern. If money isn’t good enough in the beginning, will I be able to continue?


  1. As far as I have talked to several friends of mine or researched online I get to know that the prospect in this field is really good. Maybe I have to start from a bit lower salary but once I will acquire knowledge & experience there will be no shortage of money/ opportunity. So initially I am not at all looking for the salary.
  2. No way, I will not compromise with salary. While I will be working hard I need a handsome amount of salary. I am not ready to take any chance.

#Question 4.

Am I really interested to constantly grow myself by acquiring latest technologies/ skills/ knowledge?


  1. That’s cool & who really wants a boring & stagnant career? I am really excited that I am going to be a part of this industry.
  2. Oh God, Again I have to study? I thought that Career in Digital Marketing will be a bit streamlined once I will acquire the knowledge.

#Question 5.

What will happen if I don’t get a Job after completing my Training?


  1. No worries at all, the kind of opportunity a True Digital Marketer has nowadays it’s undeniable. If I initially don’t Get a Job, I will start doing freelancing & if all goes well I may never have to find for another Job. Otherwise after gaining experience getting a job will not at all be a problem.
  2. Hmm; I am really worried regarding this. Because the hype currently has if it doesn’t sustain or by any chance if I don’t get placement from the institute I will complete my training? It’s a dicey situation.

#Question 6.

What About after 10 years down the line? Is it sustainable?


  1. I am not at all tensed because 10 years down the line anything can happen. I may not be able to live also at that point of time so how can someone be so sure about what will be there after 10 years. But the study I have done about the market & Future of Digital Marketing it will only grow in leaps & bounds.
  2. Oh God, why this kind of thinking is coming in my mind. Is this field really like a bubble which will burst in future. Then what will happen?

#Question 7.

I am not that much of a creative person, but the type of work I see around in Digital Marketing, oh man it needs a hell of Creativity. So shall I be able to sustain & raise?


  1. Okay, It’s true that Marketing itself demands a lot of creativity but in a field like “Digital Marketing,” there are many areas which require Analytical & Technical Skills too. So as far as I know with all my Analytical abilities I can Rock in Digital Marketing.
  2. Is it True that there is no place of not so creative persons in Digital Marketing? I know many people tell many things but I don’t believe in this. My main concern is if my doubt becomes true & after completing the training if I can’t contribute much then what will happen in the future?

So, tell me now, are you getting my point why I told you to ask yourself above mentioned 7 Questions?

If your answer is 1 for all the questions then Digital Marketing will be a great career option for you.

So, what do you think? Let me know.

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