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Should I critique the employers website/ social media profiles in a job interview?

Yes; You should! But in a very strategic & insightful manner!

Because Employers often ask this type of question to the interviewees like,

Have you gone through our website or any social media profiles? What’s your opinion on this?

Now those who are veterans in this field know but those who are new & just started their journey in Digital Marketing, they often get confused & comes under real pressure.

Sometimes, out of hunch, they even make such a flattering & cheesy response that it creates a really bad impact in front of the employers.

So what to do in a situation like this?

The answer I have already given in the introductory sentence. Now you might think,

If I become real critical in my response, wouldn’t that be offensive to the employer?

But believe me, that’s never gonna happen.

Employers ask this question for a specific reason, not to get cheesy, no brainer response from his future Digital Marketing Analyst.

Trust me, I’m telling you this from my own experience of over a decade on both sides of the chair.

So Don’t be afraid to critique your prospective employer’s website/ other digital properties.

But everything has its own way. Here critiquing means, giving honest feedback based on your deep down analysis from your expertise, experience & professional acumen.

Now the question is what employers actually look for or try to find out through this type of question?

#1. Are you a sincere person or not (Your sincerity)

As an Employer, I will always prefer such a candidate who is sincere by his/ her own virtue. Carelessness has no place in this field.

Because Digital Marketing is such an area where every moment you have to be highly cautious & methodical.

Every moment you have to keep in mind that you objective as a marketer is to increase your client’s business in terms of Revenue by enhancing the brand awareness, reach, lead generation & conversion.

So if you aren’t sincere enough then it will be really difficult for you to sustain in this field in the long run.

Now when an interviewer asks you whether you have checked their website or not, the way you answer from that employers judge the level of sincerity.

#2. Have you done your homework or not (Your preparedness)

When I’m going for an interview, it’s not only my subject matter knowledge that will be judged but the amount of knowledge I possess about that company show my keenness & positive outset.


Suppose in an interview, the employer asks this same question to 2 different candidates, “Have you reviewed our website?”.

One has responded very promptly in detail regarding what he liked & what didn’t with a few suggestions to improvements.

On the other hand another candidate simply said, sorry sir I haven’t got time to check your website in detail.

Now the question is, whom will you hire? Definitely the first guy, right? No, I’m not saying that not seeing is any kind of crime but when you are going for an interview then you should follow this etiquette.

This shows your preparedness & it not only necessary for the interview but in real work also whenever you will interact with any prospective client, your preparedness can make a big difference.

#3. Depth of your knowledge

Now, the way you handle the question & describes it, shows a lot about your depth of knowledge.

It’s an indirect question to check your insight, expertise & experience in this field without asking any precise question.

So try to be as much elaborative as possible by drawing live examples & cases to make your points more convincing.

#4. Your creative bent of mind

Always remember one thing, irrespective of your years of experience in this field, if you can only bring fresh ideas on the table if your base is strong.

So through this kind of question, employers try to see what fresh ideas or perspective you have which will really help them/ their clients to grow.

Digital Marketing is a very dynamic domain, every moment you need to churn out fresh propositions to stay ahead from the crowd.

So when you encounter this question, try to give some new ideas or ways. You might not be 100% right but be bold & express your thoughts. You will pass the test.

#5. Your approach

Sometimes employers also tries to find out your approach to a question like this.

Because somehow these type of questions create a bit confusion in your head, basically regarding what the interviewer is looking for.

So in a situation like this if you can act boldly with your confidence & knowledge, it gives a strong signal about your skill of handling, your professional accumen & confidence in yourself.

Now I hope you have understood why Employers ask about your feedback on their digital properties.

So don’t be afraid of this, be bold & always do your homework anticipating that this question is inevitable when you are appearing to a job interview for a digital marketing profile.

If you have any doubt or confusion then mail me at animesh@jobsfrontier.com… Team JobsFrontier is always here to help you.

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