The Remote Valley: People Practices Summit Airmeet

The Remote Valley: People Practices Summit – Changing Paradigms with Younger Forces

Join us at The Remote Valley: People Practices Summit powered by Airmeet on 21st October 2020.

A 3-hour power-packed session, where some of the phenomenal HR Leaders from all across the world will join & discuss some of the crucial challenges faced by young people at work.

Because, in today’s knowledge-driven economy, it’s only people who make the real differences!!! For any organization’s success, talent plays a pivotal role.

So nurturing & retaining talents/ human resources has become really crucial in the workplace.

That’s why employers nowadays are focusing more & more on People Practices, by incorporating various innovative strategies.

Now tell me, do these questions often confuse you?

  • Should the organizations only focus on deliverables?
  • What’s the right way to align one organization’s culture with the vision?
  • In a virtual world, how to replicate the model of physical offices?

The People Practices Summit will clear all your doubts & help you to gain insights from how the global HR Leaders are resolving all these challenges effectively by combining Strategy & Technology.

Who Should Attend?

If you are,

  • Associated with People Practice at any level or
  • A Business Leader who wants to re-invent HR practices or
  • An Entrepreneur who’s just started his/ her venture or
  • Anybody who’s interested & wanna learn more about the rapidly changing paradigms of this people practices industry.

Notable Speakers 

In this 3-hour summit, you will get a chance to listen & meet (virtually) with some of the remarkable HR Leaders,

  • Andy Pittman, VP – Talent Strategy at MailChimp.
  • Becky Karsh, Global Head – People Development at UBER
  • Sravan Rajnayan, Head – Global HR at SignEasy
  • Vishnu Iruvanti, Head – People Practices at ClearTax
  • Harold D’Souza, Director at WalkWater Talent
  • Sanam Rawal, Founder & Lead Talent Advisor at Passion Connect
  • Alaina Percival, CEO & Board Chair at Women Who Code &
  • Meena Kumari, Director of People Practices at Airmeet

Key Sessions

The summit has been designed/conceptualized around 3 major panel discussions,

#1. The Relevance of The Legacy Work Week

A really valid point and after this pandemic situation, it has become more relevant. So is it really a mandatory to have traditional 9-5 workweeks or the companies should focus solely on deliverables based reporting?

Another question is the sustainability of the remote work culture. Is it really sustainable in the long run?

People Practices Summit Session 1

So, many such burning questions will get discussed in this session by 3 of the industry stalwarts, Saravan Rajnayan, Vishnu Iruvanti & Harold D’Souza.

#2. Dealing with Attrition through Vision & Culture Alignment

Attrition is another big challenge for companies, especially nurturing & retaining young talents at work in the long run.

Prople Practices Summit Session 2

So in this session, you will get to learn,

How companies across the globe are dealing with the challenge related to attrition & also how to maintain wellness at work through creating an empowering work culture from Sanam Rawal & Alaina Percival.

#3. Creating High Performing Virtual Teams

In this discussion, Andy Pittman, Becky Karsh & Meena Kumari will talk about the challenges & good sides of a flat organization.

Learn the real sauce of building winning virtual teams like leading organizations across the globe.

people Practices Summit session 3

So, Join us in this power-packed and insightful session on 21st October at 7.15 pm IST to take away some great lessons home.