Marketing Mavericks Interview Series

Marketing Mavericks Interview Series, Get Expert’s Advice to Transform your Career!

JobsFrontier’s newest Initiative, to Inspire all Digital Marketing Aspirants & Enthusiasts of the community.

So, Get Inspired, Motivated & Learn how to achieve the extra mile in your Digital Marketing Career!

We all know that Digital Marketing Industry is booming, every alternate person is talking about it (if I’m not exaggerating) & it’s not going to fade away in the near future but,

  • Is it? Is it really going to stay there as all are saying?
  • If I start my career today then where I will be after 5 years
  • Can I expect a good entry-level salary in this vertical?
  • I have made up my mind, now how to prepare myself?
  • What’s the best way to learn? &
  • etc. etc.

So dozens of questions like this cloud our judgment when as a newbie we think about to start our journey & when such a situation arises we usually go to Quora/ Reddit to get the answers.

But how will it be, if you get all the answers to your questions related to Digital Marketing Career from the Real Experts?

That’s the reason, we are starting this Marketing Mavericks Interview Series.

Here every week we will bring one such person who will not only tell you how to become a better professional but through his life story, he will inspire you to achieve something extra in your career.

Here they will tell about,

  • Their Journey, from where they started or what intrigued them,
  • Struggles, the ups & downs they faced and how they overcame those
  • Success Mantra, what mantra/ inspiration they followed which will also motivate you
  • A glimpse to the future, how the future will be &
  • Some Real Advice, Insights & Pro-Tips on Digital Marketing.

The most interesting fact is, to keep the Interview more Career centric we have curated some very interesting questions surveying over 1000 odd Digital Marketing Professionals across the country.

Also, we have researched from various social platforms like, Quora, Reddit, etc. to find out & analyze what problems you guys are already facing.

So after accumulating 360-degree suggestions & feedbacks, we have scripted the Interview Questionnaire.

The Interviews will be published each Monday on our official Blog. Just Subscribe to our Email Newsletter if you haven’t till now to get the Interviews delivered at your inbox directly.

The very first Maverick in this series will be Mr. Shashank Srivastava, A Digital Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur & Speaker. So, stay tuned.

I hope you will enjoy reading this Expert session besides gaining some practical insights/ lessons which will help you to become a better Digital Marketing Professional.

Our First Interview will be published on the coming Monday (4th May 2020).