Facing First Digital Marketing Job Interview

How to make your First Digital Marketing Job Interview more Impactful?

Are you preparing to Jumpstart your Career in Digital Marketing?

Facing the very first job interview of career is never so easy & when the field is a highly competitive one like digital marketing then you better be well prepared.

Now the question is how. How will you create maximum impact on your very first Job Interview? How will you create a difference from other interviewees?

Because the traditional way of approaching will not make any difference. That merely can give you a start but not a jumpstart.

Believe me, I’m telling it from my own experience of over 10 years in this field. In this tenure, I’ve interviewed over a hundred of Digital Marketing aspirants & professionals.

I literally think that, if your entry in this field is solid then within a few years you can achieve great height. So it’s all about a great start like 100 meters sprint.

You have to start your career like Usain Bolt.

And to do that you have to follow some basic set of rules/ principles. That’s what I will discuss today in this article.

Today I will talk about 3 particular tactics adopting which you will be able to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

So let’s begin,

# Tips 1: Becoming Digitally Extrovert & Strategic

Yes; It’s extremely important for a field like Digital Marketing.

You must be thinking, why? What is the relation between being a Digital Marketer & an extrovert?

No; What I’ve actually said, it’s of being “Digitally Extrovert”! Not in a traditional note.

It means you have to showcase your Digital Prowess in such a manner that people will say wow, especially the recruiters.

Now let me give you a practical example, have you ever visited the Facebook or LinkedIn profiles/ pages of renowned marketers like Neil Patel or Pradeep Chopra?

You must have; If you haven’t then immediately do that. There you will find how beautifully & strategically they have managed their profiles/ pages.

Just with a glimpse, you will understand what they actually do or what message they are conveying to the audiences.

So practice that & try to give that makeover to all your Social profiles. Being Digitally extrovert & Strategic is really important to do this.

I know it will not happen in a day or week or month but you should start trying from this particular date.

# Tips 2: Give your Resume a Digital Makeover & leverage it to Showcase your Real Potential

Have you ever given a serious thought on it, how you can utilize your resume to its maximum potential?

Because I think that a resume can’t be just a piece of paper in this Digital Era.

You can plan it in such a way that without being physically present in front of the interviewer you can show him/ her who you are & what you are really capable of.

Now you might be thinking why?

If I give the same traditional paper based resume to the recruiter is it such a bad thing?

No, I’m not telling that’s such a bad thing or any kind of offense.

But when we are discussing about using your resume to its maximum potential, then don’t you think as a digital marketer you should have a digital resume.

Now the question comes, how?

It’s really simple; All I’m asking is, having your own personal branded website in your name, which can act in many ways.

Just for an example, see this simple & minimal approach the renowned graphic designer David Airey’s professional website.

If you look at the site you will see how a website can give multifaceted appeal. Through which you can’t only show your profile but besides this, you can also showcase,

  • Your Portfolio
  • Client Recommendation &
  • For a Digital Marketer, his/ her own site’s reputation/ reach/ popularity shows how capable he/ she is in this domain.

Now let me explain this in a bit detail.

Let’s say you have started your very own site “www.akashgupta.com”. Where you maintain a professional blog aside all your Professional/ academic details & portfolio.

Now when a recruiter sees your profile for the first time, though you are a fresher still he/ she will never be able to underestimate you. Why?

Because the way you have crafted your profile it shows,

  • You are not an amateur, you have some real knowledge in your field. Because running a blog actively in a focused manner is not at all an easy thing to do.
  • You are running your own site which means you have knack into technicalities & to become a good digital marketer you need some knack towards technologies.
  • Now, going one step ahead if you can optimize it with popular keywords in your domain & gradually it can draw a good number of organic traffic, then you will be able to explain how capable you are in this vertical.
  • And finally who knows, when many of the people will know you & get in touch with your identity/ expertise you may land into some freelance gigs which can help you to ad feathers in your cap.

So revamp your Resume today if you haven’t already.

# Tips 3: Until you are getting your first job don’t just wait!

Get your hands dirty with some real work by leveraging your online profile, the way I had mentioned above.

Because there is nothing as good as working on the real stuff. As a digital marketer, you should always look for these.

So no matter what, even if possible initially you can do a few gigs free of cost also.

Always remember these initial struggles will eventually help you to land your next best career opportunity in Digital marketing.

Because even for freshers also, Interviewers try to find out how much practical exposure they have besides their theoretical knowledge.

& to gain practical exposure in freshers level there is no better way what I have just mentioned here.

So, once again I’m saying to all the wannabe Digital Marketing professionals if you wanna get Jumpstart in your career you have to work smartly & strategically.

Just follow the above-mentioned tips & see how these help you in the very first Job Interview of your career.

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