We work on cutting edge browser technologies at Scapic and are excited to work with anyone who shares our love for the web. As a Full stack developer, you will be pivotal in the product development cycle, ship new features and collaborate with others in key decisions around product and engineering needs. You should understand the importance of balancing technical debt with delivery and have a keen interest in creating polished user interfaces by working closely with designers & producing high quality code. Creating Immersive VR and AR experiences on Scapic starts off with a simple and intuitive interface but what takes it all the way through is a robust and scalable backend. As a Backend Dev, you will plan, implement, deploy, and maintain our back end, in close collaboration with other engineers. You will be an advocate for performance, stability, and scalability at Scapic, and encourage others to be as well. With eyes focused on the future, you will help build the immersive web of tomorrow as you play a key role in shaping Scapics next game changer.

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Roles & Responsibilities:

In Frontend, The ideal candidate should have: 

  • Strong understanding of Basic JS concepts - Higher Level Concepts.
  • Deep experience using React.js & worked with ES5 and ES6 JS concepts.
  • Worked on state management with React (Redux, Flux, or any others).
  • Understanding of basic DOM modification concepts such as querySelector, getElementById, classList
  • Worked with Deeply Nested Objects and familiarity with Mutability
  • Familiarity with different ways of handling asynchronous code (Promises, Fetch)
  • Worked with Events (Event Loops), yarn or npm for package management and GIT for versioning
  • Understanding of Unit and Integration Testing (Basics)
  • Comfort with functional programming and its concepts
  • Comfort with Advanced React patterns such as Higher Order Components, Render Props, Context APIs
  • Basic understanding of different types of storages such as local and session storage
  • Experience in setting up projects with webpack and the various loaders and plugins required
  • Familiarity with code splitting on Webpack

In Backend, The candidate should have: 

  • Deep Experience working on Node.js.
  • Understanding of SQL and NoSQL database systems with their pros and cons
  • Experience working with databases like MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Solid Understanding of MVC and stateless APIs & building RESTful APIs
  • Experience building authentication systems using JWT, OAuth2.0 etc
  • Experience working with Redis and its various applications like task queues etc
  • Should have worked with full text search engines like ElasticSearch
  • Should have experience and knowledge of scaling and security considerations
  • Experience working with WebSockets is a plus "
Required Knowledge & Skills:

Please refer to the description of Roles & Responsibility.

Level: Senior
Experience: 2 - 5 yrs
UG: B.Tech/B.E. - Any Specialization
PG: Any Postgraduate - Any Specialization
Doctorate: Doctorate Not Required.
Benefits & Perks:

Not Disclosed.

Recruiter Name: HR
Contact Company: Scapic
Email: hello@scapic.com