Interview with Sharan Vallapureddy PushEngage

In Conversation with Sharan Vallapureddy, Director of Marketing at PushEngage

Hi Everyone, Welcome to the Marketing Mavericks Interview Series EP – 16!

Digital Marketing is more about Experiments. Your learning in Digital Marketing ends not when you stop reading books or listening to tutorial videos, it is when you stop doing experiments.


So, Hi everyone, this is Animesh & this week I’m back with another fresh & insightful episode of our weekly Interview series.

The quote I had just mentioned in the beginning is from the person who is our today’s guest at this session, Sharan Vellapureddy, Director of Marketing at PushEngage (One of the leading global agency which specializes in web push notification services).

So without taking much time, let’s roll the dice and start the interview…

Animesh: Hi Sharan, it’s a great pleasure to have you today at the Marketing Mavericks Interview Series. So, before going into the main conversation, can you please introduce yourself to our community in your own words?

Sharan: Hi Animesh, thanks for the invitation.

Currently, I am working as the Director of Marketing at PushEngage. I have around 10 years of experience in this domain and got the opportunity to work in both MNCs and Startups which made the journey interesting.

For me,

Marketing is more about speaking with numbers and those numbers should tell the story.

Animesh: After completing your B-Tech in Electrical Engineering, you got landed on your first job at HCL as an Adwords Specialist.

So being a Hardcore Engineer what made you switch to the World of Marketing (especially DM)? Please share that story!

Sharan: I don’t have a big college name behind my education nor my curriculum is anyway related to Digital Marketing. I entered into the Digital Marketing field by chance.

But right from the start, it was quite challenging and interesting, and I was able to see the impact it used to make on the business. When we generate the right lead, the excitement in the sales team is something that motivated me.

Analytics is one big thing which I always loved, the stats and story behind each stat are like watching a movie.

Animesh: After spending nearly a decade in Digital Marketing, currently you are the Marketing Director at PushEngage.

So, how has your journey been till now? What are your biggest achievements & fall so far?

Sharan: There are ups and downs throughout the journey.

There was a customer when I was working in SocialHi5 agency who was about to leave because of low conversions, I handled that account for a month and showed them the conversion, that customer continued with the agency. This is one achievement that I always cherish though it is at the beginning of the career.

And the fall is when I mismanaged the budget of a Google Ads campaign by placing wrong bids.

Animesh: Haha, that’s a quite straight answer. Now tell me, how you are foreseeing the future of Digital Marketing in India? What is your prediction about its sustainability & growth in the next 5 years?

Sharan: Right now I am working from home and maybe this is the right time to answer this question.

Digital Marketing will go more local, rural India will start using Digital Marketing for their promotions, like the petty shops in your street.

There is no question of sustainability for Marketing, the growth will be there at a rapid pace, digital marketing will go more around strategies and business opportunities than certifications and fancy degrees.

Animesh: Do you think Digital Marketing is a threat to the future of Conventional Marketing?

Sharan: We no need to call it as a threat, both Conventional and Digital will go hand in hand based on the need.

A SaaS might not need Conventional Marketing to that extent, but it is definitely needed for FMCG.

Animesh: What advice would you like to give who are looking at building a career in Digital Marketing?

Sharan: It’s pretty simple, you can get the knowledge about all digital marketing platforms from anywhere.

The thing that makes the difference is, can you use those platforms and generate revenue to the company that you aspire to work for. If you think you can build a strategy to experiment and make a business out of it, doors are always open.

Animesh: Can you please share any 1 of your favorite Digital Marketing case studies in detail from your experiences?

Sharan: Here is the one from PushEngage, Wholesome Yum Gets Up to 7% of Extra Traffic from PushEngage

Animesh: The State of SEO in 2020!!! Back in 2010 when you started your career to date, SEO has changed a lot. Surely, there are some evergreen principles but still, what does SEO means these days?

Sharan: Back in 2010, if you had some content on your website and a set of keywords for which we wanted to rank, the job was done.

Now the algorithms of search engines have matured a lot and they have the intelligence to filter the best ones, not just based on keywords, but the user interest.

These days SEO means generating the content the user is looking for and it should be genuine without stuffing. If you are in a competitive space, SEO should not be a short term goal.

Animesh: Many would love to know what SEO techniques you personally follow to get the top position of the search result?


  • Distribution across social, web2.o, and other spaces,
  • Internal linking to the best use,
  • Guest blogging,
  • Refreshing the old content &
  • Generating Traffic to the same page through paid Ads.

Animesh: How do you think AI & ML is reshaping the world of Digital Marketing together in this AI-powered Digital Marketing Era?

Sharan: Recently we had done a webinar on the same topic.

AI and ML will help us in automating the time taking tasks by using some intelligence, but we should know that the intelligence behind these AI & ML is human intelligence. Whether it is analytics, data mining, or programmatic advertising, AI will sort our time taking tasks.

Animesh: Out of all the digital marketing channels/ avenues, which ones have helped PushEngage most with marketing & creating such an impact?

Sharan: Organic traffic from search engines, though we are decent in paid advertising.

Animesh: How do you keep yourself updated with the Latest Trends in Digital Marketing?

Sharan: I mainly follow the Search Engine Journal and PPC Hero.

Animesh: Now what’s next in your life? What’s your ultimate goal in your life?

Sharan: I want to see a day where I can apply my knowledge of Digital Marketing to help the rural farmers to market their crops.

Animesh: Now one last question, what is your opinion about the work we are doing at JobsFrontier to empower the Digital Marketing Community?

Sharan: It will be a great help to someone who is looking for a change in job or who is trying to build a career in Digital Marketing.

Animesh: Thank you so much Sharan for this wonderful Interview. It will surely help all aspiring Digital Marketers.


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