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Interview with Seshadri Basak, National Head – Marketing & Product of IDCM & ICA Edu Skills

Welcome Everyone to the Marketing Mavericks Interview Series EP13

Today in this Episode our Guest is Seshadri Basak, National Head – Marketing & Product of Institute of Digital & Content Marketing (IDCM) & ICA Edu Skills.

A multifaceted person who started his career as a professional photographer but due to his extreme zeal, passion & creative bent of mind he turned towards Digital Marketing.

Now after nearly a decade of his journey, completing numerous national & international projects, he is now heading the Marketing, Product & Education vertical of ICA Group.

So, today at this session we will not just know & understand Seshadri better as a person but from his rich professional experience & insights, you will get a whole new direction, to drive your digital marketing career.

Let’s begin…

Animesh: Hey Seshadri, Today we are really glad to have you with us at the “Marketing Mavericks Interview series”.  So, before going deeper into this interview please introduce yourself with our community, in your own way!

Seshadri: Hi Mavericks Team – Hope you all are safe and doing good!

Pleasure to be here today with you all.

“So, this is how I stand out – “

With a very basic education background – “Bachelor of Computer Applications from Sikkim Manipal University” and then did my “Masters in Journalism specialized in Photo-Journalism from the National Institute of Creative Communication – NICC”, it somehow helped me grow as a better digital marketer.

Being from an educational family (My dad – Dr. Tapash Kumar Basak used to be the HOD of Electrical Engg. Dept. in Jadavpur University and also received the third-world scientist award in Biophysics from Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru & Prof. A P J Abdul Kalam), I always had a keen interest in deep learning in the fields of Technology and New Age Developments – With an aim to stand out as a 360 degree player in the corporate market and lead up-front.

Learning and Delivering Education is something that comes naturally to me.

I started earning as a freelance designer from the second semester of my graduation days –

And with time, I kept eyeing for self-learning and self-earning in the fields of graphic design,
UI | UX design, and Digital Photography, simultaneously. I also nurtured music with top guitarists and drummers in the city as a passion.

So, instead of boring people now let’s move ahead 🙂 – it’s a long story actually.

Briefing it down – let’s wrap up myself as a professional with 15+ years of experience in multiple domains including Digital Marketing, Mobile App Marketing, Social Media Marketing, E-commerce, UI|UX Designing, SEO Content Marketing, Graphic Designing, International Photography Publications, Music, etc.

Demonstrable skills and experience in the following areas: Marketing Strategy, Marketing Campaigns, Display Advertising, Automation tools, AI & Bots, Funnel Visualization – Data Analytics, Data Management (CRM and CRM automation tools), Budgeting & lead generation.

Animesh: It was really an Inside out intro :)… Thanks, Seshadri for sharing. So, now tell me how a Professional Photographer turned into a Digital Marketing Expert?

Seshadri: Simply put – Photography using Digital Camera ( Technology ) and the tag “Freelance Photographer/Designer” actually gave me a  thrust – that I must adopt skills of marketing and had to make a living by monetizing my photographs through digital media/channels.

“Survival of The Fittest” – This is just not some random practical quote for me – it’s actually a LIFE Saver CATALYST that can end up creating multiple prompt reactions and people like me are just the final product of these reactions.

Animesh: Yes; It’s absolutely true. Now can you please share your Journey from your days at NICC Bangalore to the National Head – Marketing & Product at IDCM & ICA Edu Skills.

Seshadri: I already mentioned the initial journey of my life. So, after a run for the last 15 yrs – I successfully completed 35+ projects, handled over 100 software/ automation tools, worked across 7 countries with various clients & employers, and with time along with dedicated efforts I landed up here at ICA.

Thanks to Mr. Narendra Kumar Shyamsukha ( The Chairman of ICA Edu Skills ) and Mr. Arindam Ghosh ( The Chief Human Resource Officer ) – I had received a call from Mr. Ghosh in Nov’2018 and after several discussions rounds with multiple presentation submissions – I joined ICA Edu Skills in May’2019 with a goal to streamline and bring business via Digital Marketing for all ICA products and also set up a sister-concern i.e. IDCM – Institute of  Digital & Content Marketing, with a prime focus to deliver knowledge to the youth in the fields of Digital Academics and Marketing – we started our IDCM journey from 4th Dec 2019.

By the way, the name IDCM is given by my best friend and one of my biggest support Ms. Dipannita Das – she has a major contribution to building my career and life.

Animesh: How IDCM is craving the path to the peak of Digital Marketing Training in such a hyper-competitive and crowded space?

Seshadri: IDCM stands out as the only National Institute in India to provide training in Digital Academics and Marketing with Assured Placement Support being a Flagship venture of ICA Edu Skills ( 20 years of Excellence ) – I belief “If someone is not aware of Digitalization (the most important online virtual product of the 21st century and understanding this product is compulsory for all the aspiring Digital Marketers) then Marketing & driving sales via Digital Channels makes no sense.”


  • 100% practical training & placement support
  • Top 5 Global Data Analytics Tools which were never taught in India by any Digital Marketing Institute.
  • Experienced faculty who has 10+ years of corporate exposure and in-house course content development team who upgrades the content keeping in pace with market demand and requirements
  • Free Entry to International Webinars by Google, SEMrush, Search Engine Land, Brian Dean
  • 3 months Paid Internship Program for Diploma Students
  • Only institute to provide knowledge on Project Management, CRM, and Live Chat Automation tools.
  • Live Industry Digital Campaigns Demonstrations.

Animesh: How are you foreseeing the future of Digital Marketing in India? What are the top 3 trends you are anticipating for 2020?

Seshadri: Increasing demand in Digital Marketing Jobs, re-birth of Digipreneurs, and Digital Marketing Consultants.

The adoption of more and more automation tools by various businesses will become the need of the hour.

Marketing people must need to change their paradigm from generic marketing to Digital Marketing.

Finally, we will see the “The Live validation and growth of What Mr. Bill Gates said” back in the year 1996 –  is to get viral – “If your business is not on the Internet then your business will be out of Business”

The top 3 trends are poised to be –

  • Production and Development of more Digital Advertisement Models by existing as well as new advertisers.
  • An increase in “Available Balance” numbers within the bank accounts of Digital Consultants, Digital Marketing Agencies, Online Bidders, and CRM software companies!
  • 3x more development of Video Contents and almost 7x investments in Video Advertisements.

Animesh: What are the top 3 challenges you faced in your Digital Marketing career? How did you overcome them?


If you can believe in Astrology then Why can’t you believe in Digital Marketing & Technology…

  • Briefing digital decks and making business owners understand the business flow
  • Ad Budget approval especially for branding ( people like to invest more on leads ) but people need to understand as the sales or conversions are directly proportional to Branding, and Product Awareness
  • Payout values – consultation fees, service charges, support charges, and salary constrictions.

Animesh: What advice do you want to give to those who are looking at building a career in Digital Marketing?

Seshadri: One & Only practice of staying relevant and moving along with the market –


Animesh: There is a lot of hype around Digital Marketing in the market. So, what are the things one should consider before jumping into this field? The hard truths!!!


If it is a choice then kudos, keep moving!

If it is a prediction then turn-around and think before veering for the journey.


Animesh: The State of SEO in 2020!!! What are the 3 proven success tips for SEO as per you?


  • Deep Diving into Google Webmaster
  • Understanding the De-coding Structure of Content Layout as per Google Bots – Especially focus on Mobile and voice SEO
  • Focus on optimized content with an aim to get featured in zero ranks – Snippets and Featured Snippets can do magic for you

Animesh: How do you see SEO over Paid Marketing? For long term success which one do you think is more effective?

Seshadri: Paid Marketing equals to Ventilation Support for SERP’s with an aim to spread the word of your business, services, or products globally.

And SEO equals to life-time support for SERPs and will help in generating more Life Time Values of a customer.

Animesh: What will be your Suggestion for building an effective backlinking strategy in 2020? Especially the ones which you personally follow for building IDCM’s Brand & Search Reputation!


  • Digital Press Releases,
  • Guest Blogging,
  • Listing sites tagging, and
  • Article submission is some of the basics.

You should also unlink all publications with no-follow linkbacks.

Animesh: Will video content take over the text-based content in the coming days? What do you think & why?

Seshadri: Not really – video content is definitely the need of the hour, but text content can never dry-up because even a Video or a Podcast needs a TITLE IN TEXT to start!

Animesh: How do you keep yourself updated on the Latest Trends in Digital Marketing? Which Blogs/ Forums/ Websites you follow on a daily basis/ very often?

Seshadri: Secrets of my cooking – Check out more Webinars, visit Seminars, and keep viewing into the insights of the International market as well as on the State of Marketing reports. Customize your news feed with relevant news and latest development updates –

My go-to sites/teachers are –

  • SEJ,
  • Backlinko,
  • Eric Sue ( Single Grain ),
  • Jason Barnard,
  • Greg Gifford for Mobile SEO and
  • Brian Dean

Animesh: Name 5 essential tools that need to be there in every Digital Marketers arsenal to win the battle.


  • SEMrush
  • Mixpanel
  • Google {end to end usage} – itself is a virtual 360-degree tool – if you know how to use it
  • Project Management tools – Be organized, please!
  • Documentation tools – example – Evernote

Animesh: Now one last question, would you like to share a few words about the work we are doing at JobsFrontier to empower the Digital Marketing Community?

Seshadri: Of course, you guys are doing awesome work by focusing on the market experts, spreading the word of digital, and the other best practices.

This will definitely help all aspiring digital marketers who are looking for jobs to follow cues and be market-ready. Not only that rather this is an avenue for people to love speak on the digital marketing sparks.

Animesh: Thanks Seshadri, for such a candid & insightful conversation.


Dear Readers, I hope you have got some really valuable knowledge/ tips today from Seshadri.

If this interview really helped you please share it in your network.


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