Interview with Pramod Maloo, Founder of Kreative Machinez

In Conversation with Pramod K Maloo, Founder & CEO of Kreative Machinez

Hi Everyone, this is Animesh & once again I’m back with another fresh & insightful episode of the Marketing Mavericks Interview Series.

Today we have with us the person who is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a very humble human being, who possesses a very clear perception about life.

Pramod K Maloo, Founder & CEO of Eastern India’s One of The Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Agency Kreative Machinez. A Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Expert & Startup Evangelist…

Pramod says

You need not be a genius to emerge out as a winner…

A really valuable life lesson and I’m also a firm believer in this. In whichever field you are or the circumstance is, to emerge out as a winner in life/ career you need not to be a prodigy/ genius.

Today in this candid conversation with Pramod we will learn many such valuable advice & life lessons besides some great insights on Digital Marketing.

So, without spending much time let’s start the Interview…

Animesh: Hi Pramod, It’s a great pleasure to have you today with us at the “Marketing Mavericks Interview series”.  Before going into the main segment, we all want to know more about you personally, not just from your professional byline.

Pramod: I was born in Gangashahar, Bikaner, Rajasthan. My family moved to Calcutta when I was 2. My mother says I was a very quiet & obedient boy as a child. I am the youngest among my siblings & enjoyed all the attention & love as a child.  I spent my childhood days in a joint family & I think living in a join family certainly laid the strong foundation in terms of value system and being emphatic and passionate about others’ needs and expectations.

I completed my schooling from Abhinav Bharati High School. I was an average student until the sixth standard. One of the initial defining moments came in my life when I stood 5th in the 8th standard. It did a lot of good to my confidence. I realized that you need not be a genius to emerge out as a winner. I completed my graduation in Commerce from Bhawanipore Gujarati Education Society College, Kolkata, and then went to Hyderabad to complete my MBA in Marketing from IBS.

I enjoy watching TED talks & reading autobiographies of successful leaders in the fields of Business, Politics, and Sports. I believe life is an experience and every time you meet a new person, it adds to your experience quotient.

To spread positivity and motivation in the world around, I recently launched an online platform called Pramod’s Motivation Channel) 😉

Animesh: What inspired you to launch Kreative Machinez? Because in 2008 when you started the journey, the market wasn’t even mature enough in terms of awareness & acceptance comparing with today’s time. So what fueled your desire or zeal to start in this sphere?

Pramod: I owe it to my elder brother. While I was graduating, he was already running a very successful design agency.  It motivated me plus gave me the confidence that if anything goes wrong, I will have someone to fall back on.

When I look back one incident, which I think was a turning point in this regard, was… attending one guest lecture by Mr. Udayan Bose during my IBS days. I was so excited and inspired to know about the digital revolution across the world was going through. Very next day I wrote an email showing my interest to intern at his organization.

Animesh: Beside Kreative Machinez you are associated with multiple startups from Yes She Will to Vidhi Vidhaan. So as a veteran & serial entrepreneur how has your journey been till now? What are your biggest achievements & fall so far? Can you please share any of such moments for Inspiration?

Pramod: Honestly there is a long way to go. I would like to believe I am still a novice and so much to learn from successful people around me.

I have been lucky to meet some amazing people in my journey so far and I owe it to all the people I work with. Indrajit, Samuel, Pranav, Amlan, Rakhi, Sandy to name some of the rock stars I work within KreativeMachinez!

We won the best “mobile app” in Engage 2017 for the mind-blowing response we received during IPL season 10. We got half-million downloads in less than 60 days then.

Yes She Will is an attempt to empower women entrepreneurs in their start-ups. Ruchika and Nehal are the key persons leading it. I am supporting them in technology, marketing, and networking front.

VidhiVidhaan is a “pandemic startup” idea. It is for all Hindu families living in different parts of the world. We are using technology to bridge the gap of “pundit ji” and “ puja samagri”. We are very excited and hopeful about identifying and working with country ambassadors from different countries.

Animesh: It’s really great Pramod, the way you are reinventing the wheel in your Entrepreneurship journey and contributing to this Digital Ecosystem.

So, how you are foreseeing the future of Digital Marketing in India? What’s your opinion about its sustainability & growth in the next 5 years?

Pramod: Last 4 -5 months have witnessed rapid behavioral changes amongst Indians. From school classes to professional courses; business meetings to tax compliance; everything is happening digitally.

I believe there will be many businesses starting in digital space during & post COVID times to fulfill needs beyond the regular e-commerce and buying air/rail tickets.

I think the next 5 years will see a rocket-like growth for businesses/services/starts-ups in and around digital space.

Whatever you want to start, you got to be very clear about your offering and delight your customers with your product/service.

Animesh: What advice you want to give who are looking at building a career in Digital Marketing? How they will prepare themselves better for the coming days?

Pramod: Like any other career, perseverance and honesty towards your goal is a prerequisite. Digital Marketing is an evolving subject. There are changes in Google Algorithm every month or two; social media platforms are so so dynamic; you got to be reading all the times if you want to stay on top of the game.

So, Read, Read, and Read as much as you can if you are wanting to make a career in digital marketing.

Animesh: What qualities you look for when you hire someone for a Digital Marketing profile? 

Pramod: Depends on the role, designation, and department we are hiring for. But two most important attributes across the board would be :

  • Run through on the work they have done in past organizations. We dig deep into it. The number of years is just a number you see 😉 You may be doing the same thing over a period of 5 years. It doesn’t make you any better than someone with 2 years experience.
  • We test the candidate on his attitude side – stress handling, teamwork, discipline, commitment, clarity of mind, etc.

Animesh: You have consulted numerous brands for their digital marketing strategy & roadmap since inception. So, what’s your favorite digital marketing case study & what advice you want to give from that to all the professionals?

Pramod: We work for a sports and fitness apparel brand by the name Alanic. We started working for them in 2013-14. They had zero presence on the Internet then. Today, they have 20 plus portals for the different product lines and dominate search engines for most of the relevant keywords.  Today, 55-60% of their total turnover is attributed to the leads flow coming from the Internet.

Search Engine is a great vehicle to improve your brand presence and accelerate traffic and leads for your business. It’s important to set big goals for 3 years and then break it into smaller milestones. Most importantly, have lots of clarity about your game plan and be on the same page with your client in terms of results and timeline from the campaign.

Animesh: How do you see SEO compared to SEM/ Paid Marketing? 5 Proven SEM Success Tips from Pramod Maloo!!!

Pramod: SEO is a long-term game vs. SEM, which can give you results in the short run.

For success in SEM 3 most important principles that my team works on:

  • Understanding the business objectives in great detail before anything else
  • Identify the TG based on business understanding & use filters on different ads platform including Google, FB, Linkedin and more
  • The content was, is, and will be the king in internet marketing. Use content to your advantage while working on ad copies especially.

Animesh: According to you, what are the top 3 mistakes committed by organizations nowadays in leveraging Digital Marketing?


  • Not doing the groundwork in detail: ( understanding the goals/key objectives, the TG and demographics)
  • Having a myopic vision of achieving success in 15-30 days!
  • Underestimating the talent of freshers in the organization

Animesh: Which are those sites that you would recommend people to read often to stay updated in the Digital Marketing domain?

Pramod: Whenever I get a chance I read through articles on Linkedin or CrunchBase. But to get latest updates on DM you can try catching up on Moz Blog, Kissmterics or simply google “ good read digital marketing” 😉

Animesh: Top 5 Tools that every beginner in Digital Marketing should have in their toolbox!


  • Google Analytics
  • Ahrefs
  • Alexa
  • Hootsuite

& learn in and out of  using MS Office tools like PPT, Excel, Word ( Very very important to get started. If you learn these well early in your career, life will be easier in moving forward)

Animesh: Now one last question, would you like to share a few words about the work we are doing at JobsFrontier to empower the Digital Marketing Community?

Pramod: You guys are doing a fantabulous job. Keep up the good work and if possible add a news section on your portal where updates pertaining to the latest happenings in the industry can be published.

Animesh: Share one quote of Pramod K Maloo for all aspiring Digital Marketers!!!


The next decade belongs to digital people.  We will see a sea of changes in our lives in the next 5-10 years. Stick to it and enjoy the ride!

Animesh: Thank you so much Pramod for such encouraging words & valuable insights for us and all the Digital Marketing Professionals and Aspirants out there.


I hope this session will help you all to take a clear decision regarding your Digital Marketing Career.

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