Interview with Md Israr Alam Carney Technologies

In Conversation with Md Israr Alam, Founder & CEO of Carney Technologies Services

Hi Everyone, Welcome to The Marketing Mavericks Interview Series –  EP09

Today we have Digital Marketing Expert & Consultant Md Israr Alam with us, the Founder & CEO of one of the Premiere Digital Marketing Agency from Kolkata, Carney Technologies Services.

When many of the people or so-called experts in the Industry are promising to make you a Digital marketing expert in no time, Israr has a very strong & clear opinion on this.

He says if you wanna learn Digital marketing & become a professional in this field,

Don’t become restless, The field is immensely deep and there are too many things to learn in just a few weeks or a couple of months, as many coaches or trainers falsely claim is possible.

To break that clutter, after nearly a decade of his professional experience, to transmit his knowledge, expertise among wannabe Marketers and to make them industry-ready he has ventured into Digital Marketing Training.

So today in this session we will discuss many interesting stuff regarding career, future prospects &  other essential segments of Digital Marketing.

Now without spending much time, let’s start the interview,

Animesh: Hi Israr, Welcome to JobsFrontier. It’s a great pleasure to have you today at this episode of Marketing Mavericks Interview Series. So with a bit of introduction please share your story with our community.

Israr: Hello, I am Md. Israr Alam, I am the founder and CEO of Carney Technologies Services. This year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our digital marketing firm. I am really glad to be part of this initiative by JobsFrontier. Our organization is blessed with a healthy blend of old-timers and fresh blood who bring the much-needed diversity that is desirable in any organization.

Carney Consultancy is a sister concern of Carney Technologies. Unlike the latter, whose main purpose is to serve clients as a digital marketing agency, Carney Consultancy Services aims to educate young minds about the various facets of digital marketing in order to make them job-ready.

Animesh: What inspired you to start Carney Consultancy Services? As a veteran entrepreneur, you are into Digital Marketing for nearly a decade. Then why suddenly a diversification into Digital Marketing Education from Consulting?

Israr: I strongly believe that change is the only constant. Digital marketing is an ever-growing field and I think there is a lot that this field can give to the youth and economy of the country. In fact, digital marketing will soon become so ubiquitous that no organization will be able to ignore it and stick only to traditional marketing.

Simultaneously, we can see that there is a dearth of skilled workforce in this field. While there is no scarcity of hot, young blood waiting to grab every opportunity in this dynamic sector, they often lack the practical skills that can make them job-ready. As you rightly said, Carney is a veteran by now in the field of digital marketing. In fact, it is not DESPITE this but BECAUSE of this that we decided to venture into digital marketing training.

For years, we have been receiving CVs from young graduates anxious and eager to jump on to the digital marketing bandwagon, but alas, with very little understanding of the technical know-how. As a result, we decided to start the training wing of our company. While the core values remain the same, viz. dedication to work and unflinching adherence to quality, the key performance indicator (KPI) for Carney Consultancy is to arm the next generation with adequate knowledge so as to help them crack jobs and also equip the economy with a ready-for-battle workforce.

Animesh: Do you think Digital Marketing is a threat to the future of Conventional Marketing? In 2030 what will be the state of Conventional marketing comparing with Digital?

Israr: I think digital marketing is clearly the future of marketing.

That said, I won’t rule out conventional marketing entirely. We have seen interesting outdoor campaigns from big brands even in recent times. Other media platforms like radio and television still have a sizeable share of the total media consumption. However, it is true that most brands are rapidly making the switch towards the digital mode because of obvious reasons – better targeting and more cost-effective solutions in the digital alternative.

Animesh: How you are foreseeing the future of Digital Marketing career in India? What is your prediction about its sustainability & growth in the next 5 years down the line?

Israr: I personally think digital marketing has a very bright future in India. This is because much of our population is young and as I pointed out earlier also, digital marketing is a very dynamic field. So the timing for digital marketing’s boom couldn’t have been more perfect for India.

The youth are already loving it and there are even instances of engineers in well-paying jobs leaving their profession to enter the field of digital marketing. 5 years down the line, I see two major trends unfolding:

  • An increasing tendency towards saturation in the job market, as the supply of trained digital marketers start surpassing the demand, i.e. the number of jobs in the sector
  • A parallel development of increasing automation, thereby further leading to a lesser requirement of workforce for the most basic and elementary tasks. Trained professionals having an understanding of how to implement marketing automation will be in great demand.

Animesh: Why do you think it’s important to learn/have knowledge nowadays of digital Marketing for entrepreneurs, marketers, and students?

Israr: I think it goes without saying in the current world that digital is the future of marketing. And indeed not just marketing but every other aspect of commerce as we know it, including transactions, conversations, networking, and whatnot.

So naturally, in order to leverage the immense potential of this medium, professionals in all fields and not just those looking to make a career specifically in digital marketing, have to learn digital marketing.

Animesh: What advice & pro-tips you want to give who are looking at building a successful career in Digital Marketing?

Israr: To all the young people who are keen to learn digital marketing and build a career in it, I have one main advice which they should heed: don’t become restless.

The field is immensely deep and there are too many things to learn in just a few weeks or a couple of months, as many coaches or trainers falsely claim is possible.

Digital marketing is something that can only be learned by doing. That’s another reason why it takes a little longer to master, because, by the time one has learned by heart the theoretical aspects of digital marketing, things might have already changed, for eg: Google may have released a new Core Algorithm Update or a competitor may have come up with a new SaaS product.

So, irrespective of who you are, whether a student or a professional, just keep going and don’t give up.

Animesh: What are the top 5 qualities you look for when you hire someone for a Digital Marketing profile?

Israr: I look for these 5 qualities:

  • Honesty – this shows that they will own up to their mistakes
  • Dynamism – one does not have to know everything, but they must have the eagerness to learn new things
  • Clarity of Thought – I think some people overcomplicate matters. They throw these terms around like customer psychology and CRO and inbound marketing and whatnot, often without even properly understanding the meaning or significance of these terms. So I would like someone on my team who can think with clarity and cut through the clutter.
  • Creatively bent mindset – This is especially true for roles like social media marketing that require at least elementary design and video editing skills and some writing skills.
  • Analytical mind – Digital marketing requires analytical skills and without the same, one will be completely clueless

Animesh: Do you think that in this era of Digital Marketing the roles of marketing and sales are getting overlapped? If yes, then how?

Israr: If you ask me, they have always been overlapping to a certain extent. At least in the sense of being intricately interwoven into each other’s work.

How can a sales guy achieve sales if the inbound marketing team fails to generate good quality leads? And how can a marketing person do their work, if the sales guy doesn’t bring in good clients?

That said, I see what you are implying, and I am partially in agreement with it.

You see, in smaller organizations or startups, it is expected that every employee will be self-motivated, a self-starter, requiring very little to no supervision at all. Therefore, they can be expected to multitask and don multiple hats at the same time within the same organization.

Animesh: Power of Content in Digital Marketing. Do you think those having a good grasp over content get an edge over those who don’t have this skill?

Israr: This depends, mostly on the specific kind of work that one is being hired for. Some work requires good writing skills, like social media marketing, email marketing, etc.

Animesh: Name 5 of your favorite websites/ blogs/ forums which you visit often to keep yourself updated in Digital Marketing/ Marketing?

Israr: No surprises here, the usual suspects:

  • Moz
  • Search Engine Land
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Backlinko
  • Marketing Land

Animesh: Now one last question, Would you like to share a few words about the work we are doing at JobsFrontier to empower the Digital Marketing Community?

Israr: I think you guys at JobsFrontier are doing a really great job. This is because it is quite difficult for young people to find the right jobs in this saturated market and having a niche job portal is a great thing indeed. It must be helpful for digital marketing aspirants.

Animesh: Share one quote of yours for all aspiring Digital Marketers!!!


Surround Yourself with People Who Have Dreams, Desire, and Ambition; They Will help you push for and realize your own.

Animesh: Thanks Israr for sharing such valuable advice & insights for our community.


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