Interview with Angshuman Sett

In Conversation with Angshuman Sett, Founder & CEO of NIHT India

Hi Everyone, this is Animesh & welcome back to another Fresh & Insightful Episode of the Marketing Mavericks Interview Series.

Today in this episode our guest is veteran Entrepreneur & Marketer Angshuman Sett, Founder & CEO of NIHT India. One of the leading brands in Digital Marketing Education & Consulting from Eastern India.

As an expert in this field Angshuman has a very simple yet distinctive perspective towards Marketing. When nowadays most of the people run behind learning quick fixes to become successful in Digital Marketing, he believes & clearly states that,

Do not Learn the Trick of the Trade, Learn the Trade itself. This is your First Step to become a Successful Marketer.

Yes; A simple but evergreen principle to thrive in this field. Today in this interview we will discuss many such interesting & insightful topics that will help you to shape yourself up as a better Digital Marketer.

So, let’s start the Interview,

Animesh: Hi Angshuman :), Welcome to the Marketing Mavericks Interview Series. It’s my pleasure to have you today with us. So, we all want to know about Mr. Angshuman Sett in his own way.

Angshuman: Thank you for having me here. I belong to a business family from Kolkata, West Bengal; my forefathers were the court jewelers to royal families in India and my grandfather was known as the father of Indian Photographic Trade. I was blessed to be born in a family with a rich heritage and entrepreneurship running in the blood.

With a keen interest in politics and economy and understanding of Indian as well as world history, I chose my career path as an Entrepreneur turned Digital Strategist! I speak at various Forums including the Federation of Indian Export Organization under the Ministry of Commerce (Government of India) and several Government Departments and Corporates on Digital Marketing.

I like to share my knowledge about Social Media, Digital Marketing, and Lead Generation. Playing with Google Ads is my passion.

Animesh: Can you please share the journey of NIHT, its transformation & diversification over a period of nearly 2 decades? Especially how Eastern India’s one of the leading IT Training and Consultancy firm became a Digital Marketing powerhouse?

Angshuman: Our journey started in the year of 2002 in the field of Hardware and Networking service provider and an authorized service center for LG, EPSON, and Tata SKY.

And in 2003 we launched NIHT as a subsidiary to our IT services wing of Prosysto cater to the increasing demand for Hardware and Networking professionals and our internal manpower requirements.

In a short span of time, we became one of the leading training and testing partners for Microsoft, Redhat, Pearson Vue, Prometric, and WBSCTE in eastern India with over 125+ group centers. In 2013 we migrated from Hardware and Networking to Web and Mobile Solutions.

In 2014 I understood the power of Google Adwords and Social Media Marketing and launched NIHT Digital Marketing. And since then we haven’t looked back and have trained thousands of students, entrepreneurs, and working professionals.

I started this division with a team size of two and today our team size is 50+ and an additional 250+ experts are connected in different scopes.

Animesh: Where do you think NIHT Digital Marketing is making a difference comparing to its competitors?

Angshuman: I believe Digital Marketing is just one more channel to connect with prospects or making people aware of your products and services. We do not just train you on how to use the tools but also enable you to understand the product and build customized strategies for the same.

Animesh: How you are foreseeing the Future for Digital Marketing in India? Also please share some real data & stats, which will inspire people to understand the scope of Digital Marketing in our country.

Angshuman: Post COVID, Digital Marketing will exist as a new form of marketing and will become an integral part of any organization. All data are old and Pre-COVID.

The situation has changed drastically and the only data that I can share is that every company will have a digital marketing team/ person in-house.

Animesh: Do you think Digital Marketing is a threat to the Future of Conventional Marketing?

Angshuman: No, it is one more and the most important channel of marketing. As marketing cannot be dependent on any single channel. It must be a mix of different digital/ conventional methods.

For the short term due to this present scenario, conventional marketing is impacted a bit as people are indoors but in the long term, it will gradually stabilize.

Animesh: What advice & pro-tips you want to give who are looking at building a career in Digital Marketing?

Angshuman: I will only give one advice to those who are keen on building a career in the field of digital; is to properly segment your product and/or service that you want to market, create multiple buyers persona, and journey.

Once the same is done you can use your digital marketing tools/strategy to reach out to them and look for final conversion.

Lastly, always remember to test, test, and test. Test your audience, test your creatives, and test your channels/placement.

Animesh: Now the question I’m gonna ask you, I know you have personally encountered this numerous times, “What is the best way to Learn Digital Marketing”?

Angshuman: I believe a mentor is the most important thing for any learning process. So, find a good institute that not only teaches you the tools but also mentors you towards your goal.

Though in the end, you need to implement the knowledge you have learned and must have the courage to fail. “As failure is your path to success.”

Animesh: Nowadays there are lots of buzz around Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. How do you think the Digital Marketing world will be impacted by this? Will this create any impact on the Digital Marketing Employment or Job Sector?

Angshuman: AI and ML, yes, it is the new buzz word in the market, but human intelligence is far superior.

So, if you learn how to use the tools without knowledge of building strategy and defining goals, you will surely become jobless.

As a common say is “Any process-driven work will be substituted by AI in the near future” so you must learn to move above process-driven work and become a part of campaign strategy and planning.

That is the reason why NIHT stresses that our students have an in-depth understanding of creating the business strategy.

Animesh: Which 3 books you would like to recommend to people who want to become a better Marketer (without an MBA degree)?


  • Start with Why? By Simon Sinek
  • 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall
  • Small is the new big by Seth Godin

Additionally, for a change in one’s mindset, one must watch this movie on Netflix “The Secret”.

I would also like to recommend a book by Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”.

Animesh: Share about 2 of your favorite Digital Marketing Case studies & what lesson we all should learn from them?

Angshuman: I am not the right person to answer this question as every single case study is important, because we learn from other marketer’s mistakes.

So, I would recommend that every marketer should read as many case studies as possible and more importantly case studies of campaigns that have failed.

Animesh: Name 5 essential software that needs to be there in every Digital Marketers arsenal to win the Battle.

Angshuman: I am not the right person to answer this question as I believe that a tool is a program designed/developed to solve a particular problem.

So, I would recommend that a marketer should first identify the problem and then find suitable tools to solve the same.

Still, if you insist, I will suggest a few

  • Build with extension
  • Keywords everywhere extension
  • MOZ for SEO professional
  • Page Analytics Extension by Google
  • Google Trends for Insights
  • Google Alerts are also good for keeping you updated.

Animesh: Would you like to share a few words about the work we are doing at JobsFrontier to empower the Digital Marketing Community?

Angshuman: You are doing a fabulous job and have a dedicated team; this is what I see from your follow-ups. Your repeat follow-up has made a lazy person like my answer to so many questions.

I wish you all the best and hope that you will keep the same momentum going forever.

Animesh: Thank you, Angshuman for such encouraging words. You have given some very true & critical advice, which will be really effective for those who are aspiring to become a Digital Marketing Professional.


I hope you all have enjoyed reading the Interview & learned a lot from the Insights of Angshuman Sett.

Thank you for being an awesome reader, supporter & community member!

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