Interview with Abhay Ranjan

In Conversation with Abhay Ranjan, Digital Marketing Expert & Mentor

Hi Everyone, Welcome to another fresh episode of Marketing Mavericks Interview Series.

Today I will be interviewing Digital Marketing Expert & Mentor Abhay Ranjan.

In this session, we are going to discuss some of the very interesting topics related to Digital Marketing Career & it’s future. So let’s begin.

Animesh: Hi Abhay, Welcome to JobsFrontier. Please introduce yourself to our community.

Abhay: Thank you for having me on the “Marketing Mavericks Interview Series”. It is a great honor to be part of this amazing interview series.

Hello everyone, I am a Digital Marketer, Influencer, Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Youtuber & Blogger.

I found myself as a content creator so I am on a mission to motivate others with my content.

I have created around 15000 content over the Internet with multi-million hits. I have given consultancy to 1000+ companies and trained around 500+ people in the last six years.

Animesh: That’s really great. Now tell me one thing Abhay, Why Digital Marketing? Because you are an engineer by qualification, so what inspired you to make a career in this field?

Abhay: I would love to answer this question as lots of confusion is there in the market about this Digital Marketing vertical.

I believe that Digital Marketing is a hardcore technical domain. It is the work of Engineers. It is a Research work; we work on understanding and cracking the algorithms of Google and Social Media platforms to get our content ranked on top. It is a good thing that, people from other fields are also coming into this field. In fact, anyone can become a Digital Marketer; all he needs to do is to have the right skillset.

If you take my example, Six years back, I had read one article somewhere over the Internet that you can make money similar to a monthly salary in just one hour of work through Digital Marketing. You can create a name, fame, and money with the help of Digital Marketing. These words from that article really fascinated me to make my career in Digital Marketing. And, this is absolutely true; I have proved this through my career.

Animesh:  You had started your Digital Marketing journey back in 2014 & now it’s 2020. So in these 6 years how Digital Marketing vertical has transformed?

Abhay: When I had started back in 2014, the “Digital Marketing” word was not so much popular in the market, especially in my city – Jaipur. The term “SEO”, which is a particular module in Digital Marketing, was there in the market. So, I had started my career as a junior SEO executive in an eCommerce jewelry company.

But when I’m talking about 2020, we are living in the age of Digital. We are having all sorts of digital resources available at a very affordable cost. As Internet penetration is on the peak in India, there is a huge scope coming into this field. Lots of new job opportunities are coming as every business is introducing themselves to the digital world these days. So, I must say, Digital Marketing has a very bright future ahead.

Nowadays you can do anything with the help of Digital Marketing. You can become an influencer or a brand leveraging which you can reach the maximum number of people at a time. It is the best time to explore ourselves with the help of Digital Marketing in 2020.

Animesh: Nowadays Career in Digital Marketing is selling like a hot cake? If we look around we will find an ample amount of options to start from. So what would be your suggestion to find the right Digital Marketing Course for the career?

Abhay: If somebody is looking for a Digital Marketing Course, I would suggest him to go with the mentor. One should go with deep research about the mentor (trainer). There is confusion in the market about the selection of course. I have done around 1000+ digital marketing counseling in the last three years. Some people are concerned about the job guarantee, some people are concerned about the future scope, and some people directly ask about the salary & this is quite obvious. But, I want to suggest people focus on skills. Once you will acquire skills, you will own everything.

Also, in selecting a digital marketing course, don’t save money by going with less qualified people and their course, save your time. Early starter always wins in digital marketing. Be aware of fraud people. So, research more and more.

Animesh: Ya you are right because ultimately the mentor is the person who will make the real difference. Now, can you please share some recent data/ statistics that will inspire people to understand the scope of Digital Marketing in India?

Abhay: Anyone can do this practically, just go with any job portal (including JobsFrontier) and search for keywords like “Digital Marketing Jobs”. You will get thousands of jobs listed over there.

At present, while I’m writing this answer, I have tested, there are 24000+ digital marketing jobs are showing on one famous job portal of India. There are many digital marketing groups on social media, where people post thousands of jobs on a daily basis.

Animesh: What’s your advice to all the aspirants who want to build a career in Digital Marketing?

Abhay: If you really want to do well in digital marketing, first, you should learn Digital Marketing Skills and then implement this on real projects.

Success in Digital marketing depends on Two Factors, one is the Action performed and other is the Result monitored. So, if you don’t do an action, you will not come to know, in which direction your effort is made. Only taking knowledge is not recommendable at all.

Animesh: Name a few Resources that you often visit to keep yourself updated in Digital Marketing?


  • Google Webmaster Blog
  • Google Webmaster YouTube Channel
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Search Engine Land
  • Backlinko Blog and YouTube Channel
  • Neil Patel’s Blog and YouTube Channel

Animesh: How do you see SEO over Paid Marketing? For long term success which one do you think is more effective?

Abhay: I love and enjoy doing SEO. I always prefer SEO for long term success. SEO is a cost-effective approach. If your website’s content is helpful, clear, and solve all users’ queries then with the help of SEO, you have a great chance to appear in search results for free without spending money for every click.

Animesh: How do you suggest building an effective content marketing strategy for any online business?

Abhay: Content plays a very important role in every segment of online marketing. There are many things to look after while making an effective content marketing strategy.

  • Define your purpose of creating the content
  • Research your Audience
  • Focus on your Niche
  • Keep eye on Results
  • Listen to the voice your Customers
  • Optimize and amplify your Content

Animesh: I was just checking your Quora profile & you are quite active over there with 350k+ content views. So, shed some light on how Quora can be used as an effective digital marketing tool.

Abhay: Quora is the best place to create your brand. The process to work on Quora is very simple, you just need to find out the relevant questions, then give a useful and insightful answer.

I have developed a very smart way to find the good questions on Quora, I search for my keyword on Google and go with Quora results, I follow that question and make an answer.

I have the expertise in ranking quora answer. I have shared those tips on my YouTube Channel. So, every business should start creating content on Quora. It is a very effective lead generation platform.

Animesh: Now the question I’m gonna ask you is a bit twisted, Blogging vs Vlogging! What do you recommend to marketers for creating Influence, reach & result standing in 2020?

Abhay: In 2020, I will recommend Vlogging. It has more user retention. People often get attracted more to videos. Many platforms are encouraging video content these days. You can achieve your goal in a short time with the help of Vlogging. I have seen many people doing this. So, for new ones, I will recommend Vlogging, it is not so easy as blogging but, believe me, results are amazing.

Animesh: The 3 most essential tools that every Digital Marketer should learn.


  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads Keyword Planner/ Ubersuggest

(They all are free)

Animesh: Now one last question, would you like to share a few words about the work we are doing at JobsFrontier?

Abhay: You are doing a great job. I must say, JobsFrontier is the only dedicated career portal for digital marketing professionals. This platform is helping many people in chasing their dreams. I wish great success to JobsFrontier.

Animesh: Thank you, Abhay for sharing such wonderful tips & advice with our community.


Dear Readers, I hope you have got some really valuable insights today from Abhay.

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