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5 Reasons: Why Resume Objective Statement Plays a Pivotal Role in Job Search?

Resume Objective Statement! Means that 2 or 3 liners which come at the beginning of a CV?

YES. But do you know how a professionally written such Resume Objective Statement can influence your job hunting?

You may/ may not have taken this thing seriously so far but it is the fact. Because this creates the very first impression on the prospective employer/ hiring manager.

A detailed resume with a lousy Objective Statement is equally pointless as creating a complete unprofessional resume from start to end.

Now you might be thinking, why? Does a simple headline really wreak that much havoc?

My answer is Yes, period.

That’s where you are getting it wrong. Not just you but most of the Job Seekers do the exact same mistake at the beginning of their career.

They simply forget that it’s not just a simple line (s) but through this, the very first impact gets created on your prospective employer’s mind.

Sometimes due to a shabbily written Introduction recruiter simply lose the interest in the first few seconds. Afterward whatever detail you try to stuff but it will never be able to bring that impact.

So the value of a nicely crafted Resume Objective Statement is undeniable.

Now the main question is what else? How many ways a casually written Intro can degrade the value of You & your profile?

Here are the signals,

#1. Unclear Vision

It clearly shows that as a candidate you don’t have a clear objective/ goal about your career.

It depicts that, you don’t even know where you are at present & where you are planning reach in next 5 / 10 years.

As an Employer, I always want such a person who’s Vision/ Objective about his/ her career is clear like crystal.

#2. Weak Nonverbal Communication

Not only your verbal communication skills but your nonverbal skills also matter a lot in professional circle.

& this very first 1 or 2 liner simply represent that skill to the respective employer. If you make any mishap on that, it clearly shows your incompetency in the nonverbal area.

#3. Careless Attitude

Even if I ignore the above mentioned 2 points then do you know, what the very next point will hit my mind as a Recruiter?

The Careless Attitude of the Candidate.

Yes; You might wonder why but as a serious job seeker if someone can be so much reluctant & ignore the intricacy of Resume Objective Statement then it obviously raises a strong question on that person’s attitude.

#4. Inadequate Knowledge

It also shows that the candidate is not well aware of different standard protocols. Like, how/ why there needs a cover letter or resume intro.

Now you might ask, is that a crime? No, obviously not, but when you are preparing to take a big leap in your career, you should know what’s good & what’s not. Right?

#5. A definite sign of Unprofessionalism

If I sum up all the above-mentioned points, it clearly shows a high level of unprofessionalism of mine as a candidate.

& no Employer wants any Unprofessional attitude or behavior of a candidate.

So as a Job Seeker it’s always advisable to you that, give Resume Intro paramount importance while planning to take a big leap in your career.

Happy Job Hunting!!!

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