Importance of Digital Marketing Certification

Does Digital Marketing Certifications Really Matter to Get a Job in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Certifications are Important but if you ask me how much it matters to get a job, then I will say it depends!

It depends on several factors like your Experience Level, the Profile you are Applying for & many other things.

Let’s say you are a Newbie/ Fresher then a good certification can definitely add a great value to your profile.

But if you are an Experienced Professional who is looking for his/ her next Big Career Break in Digital Marketing then your practical knowledge will carry more weight than a certificate.

You may have a few solid certificates at your arsenal but it will just be another feather in your cap. But the key deciding factor will be your practical knowledge, insight & experience.

So there is no such hard & fast rule that you need to have a Digital Marketing Certification to get a job in Digital Marketing.

It totally depends on, which profile/ level/ position you are applying for, as I had mentioned earlier.

Now you might think, why? Why Certification plays such an important role for a Fresher?

There is a stark reason behind it, let me explain to you.

When you are an absolute Fresher, definitely you will not have any prior professional exposure, right?

Either you are straight out of college or maximum you have completed a brief training (which is mostly theoretical) program on Digital Marketing.

So, you are familiar with the foundation and the basic stuff but mostly from the theoretical aspect.

Now tell me based on what an Employer will judge you?

Because when you will be deployed in a real work environment with the real assignment, how will you cope up/ deliver?

A Strong theoretical base is good but when you will face any real problem, you will find that theory can also differ in various circumstances. & in a field like Digital Marketing, it happens most of the time.

That’s where the role of your practical insight comes into the picture. But again the same question arises, how can a Fresher be practically sound?

Yup, it’s also true. That’s why Employers look for Digital Marketing Certifications of a candidate when he/ she is a newbie.

In a scenario like this, Employers check mainly 2 things, the candidate’s overall performance in the interview & the Certification (s).

Otherwise only based on the verbal interview no one can identify someone’s professional acumen & when the field is Digital Marketing, it’s really tough to identify.

So, there needs to have a certain benchmark based upon which a candidate’s efficiency can be judged.

Now you might ask, can a Digital Marketing Certification assure the quality of a candidate?

Nops, I am never saying that it vouches for 100% of a candidate’s ability but it’s a Global Standard and vital metric using which anyone can draw a conclusion to a certain level.

Because if you go in-depth of any such reputed certifications, to clear any such exams require a good amount of knowledge in both the segments, theory & practical.

So if a candidate is serious enough & has completed such Certifications with a high score in his/ her specialized area then it gives a positive signal to the employers.

Now I think I have been able to clear the doubt regarding the Importance of a Digital Marketing Certification in getting a Job in Digital Marketing.

It’s not that whether it’s required or not but for whom it’s necessary. From the discussion, I hope you got the answer.

If you have any doubts or questions please let me know via comments.

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