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I am 35 now, Is it too late to Start a Career in Digital Marketing?

At first, tell me who has told you that to Start a Career in Digital Marketing age is a factor?

If someone has told you this, he is absolutely wrong. Because you can start your career in Digital Marketing at any stage of your professional life.

There is no such hard & fast rule that you have to start your journey before 35 or 40. Even it’s the only domain where no one will ask your Educational Qualification or Age or Degree.

Because in this field, your Knowledge, Skill & Experience reign over the above-mentioned 3 factors which are too valid for other traditional areas.

So if you are planning to start your career in Digital Marketing then check whether you have these basic qualities or not,

  • Eagerness to learn new things,
  • Interest in Digital/ Web-based mediums
  • A bit of creativity from inside

& if you have these basic qualities in you then simply chuck of those thinking off from your mind that you are now at your 35/ 40/ 45. You are absolutely in the right shape, to begin with.

Now let me explain to you why I am focusing on the above-mentioned factors.

#1. Eagerness to learn new things,

When you are into Digital Marketing, learning is a never-ending process. You have to always keep yourself updated with Latest Trends, Techniques & To-Dos.

Otherwise, you will never be able to cope up & take your/ client’s digital property higher in search ranking & reputation beating your competitors.

# So eagerness to learn new things is a must

#2. Interest in Digital/ Web-based mediums

When the field itself is 100% centered towards various Digital/ Web-based Platforms so your interest in these areas is a must.

Because Digital is a multi-faceted medium consists of Websites, Search Engines, Social Media, Blogs, Forums & many other things.

So if a person is not so savvy with these areas then working in Digital Marketing will be a pain in his back.

It’s just like I wanna be a swimmer but don’t wanna dive into the water.

# So your Interest in Digital/ Web based mediums is a must to excel in this field

#3. A bit of creativity from inside

& One more essential thing is Creativity. Your creative bent of mind can accelerate your career to a great extent when you are into Marketing.

Because if you look & analyze the architectural structure of Digital Marketing you will find that it consists of 4 main pillars, Search, Social, Content & Creative.

Just like Content is the Driving Force of Digital Mediums, Creativity is the Soul behind everything.

Like, the Strategies you make, Analysis & Planning you do, everywhere your creative bent of mind plays a huge role.

So without creativity sailing in the ocean of Digital marketing will be just like “Sailing a Ship without Steering Wheel”, you will never know where you are heading.

# A bit of Creative flair is required to excel in this field of Digital Marketing.

Now let me give you a real example, so you will be able to relate better.

It’s the story of a person whose transformation I have seen in my own eyes in the past couple of years very closely.

Shuvashish Saha, My long-time Friend, Partner & Co-Founder of A Student of Mathematics & specialized in Financial Analysis with various areas of Portfolio Management.

But after spending several years trying out his luck in various kind of businesses finally in the age of around 37 he decided to try his hands & mind into Digital Marketing.

It’s especially was due to his knack on Internet/ Digital Medium, Analytical mindset & eagerness to Learn/ Explore new things.

Now fast forward to 2019, after spending 5 tough years, he is now the Key Digital Strategist of JobsFrontier, India’s one of the rapidly growing niche job portal since it’s inception.

So never ever think of your age. If you are just 35 then throw your worries in the trash can & move forward.

If you are really interested & have the above-mentioned qualities then a great Career in Digital Marketing is waiting at your doorstep.

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