Right Skills for Right Recruiters

How to Attract Right Recruiters to Your Profile at JobsFrontier?

Because it’s not just attracting any Recruiters but the right ones!

That’s why I often say, you can only land onto the right job if your resume gets noticed by the Right Recruiters.

& it depends a lot on how carefully you have crafted it with all the relevant information.

Because just completing your profile for the sake of it will not bring your dream Employer at your doorstep.

You have to craft it in such a manner that none of the potential recruiters could miss it. & it’s only possible with Right Information in Right places.

So, when more & more numbers of Relevant Employers will check your profile, the chances of getting the right opportunity will be much higher.

Now you might ask, isn’t JobsFrontier an Exclusive Portal for Digital Marketing professionals? Then, from where the question of Right or Wrong Employer is coming?

Yes, you are absolutely right. We are a niche portal but Digital Marketing itself as a niche is not so small. There are 8 to 10 (even more) different specialized area.

So let’s say, you are a Seasoned Content Marketing Professional & if a Recruiter with a vacancy in SEO profile approaches you after seeing your profile, will you be interested in that?

No, na? Then?

So here my point is not why that Recruiter approached you but how? It means there might have some misleading information in your profile seeing which that person misunderstood.

Now, what is that?

Think at first, then I am telling you.

Not getting any idea? Ok, let me help you out. “Skills” segment, which you had filled during the creation of your profile at JobsFrontier.

Because whenever a Recruiter searches for a potential candidate the very first thing he/ she checks is the specific skill set the job seeker possesses from the list.

Clear, Relevant, in-depth coverage of this section can give your profile an extra mile.

At the same time, a profile which consists of lousily crafted skills with Unclear, irrelevant & pointless matters, it will not only divert the Potential Employer but the chances of getting that opportunity will also get jeopardized.

Now the question is, how to identify the skills you have entered are appropriate or not?

Here I am explaining to you that with an example,

Let’s say, I am 5 years of experienced Content Marketing Professional currently working as Sr. Manager – Content Marketing.

Currently, I am looking for a position like Head of Content Marketing or something like that.

Now if I mention in my skills section that I have the following skillset,

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • 5 Years of Experience
  • Good Writing Ability
  • Humorous
  • Dreamer
  • Ambitious
  • Google Certified Professional
  • Ability to go Extra Mile
  • Creative Thinker etc.

Will any Recruiter be interested or get any fair idea about what skills I have which is required for a Top-level Content Guy/ Head of Content Marketing?

I think No.

Rather if I would have listed my skills like,

  • Editorial Planning
  • Consumer Research & Analysis
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Creative Brainstorming
  • Writing Great Copy
  • Experience in Storytelling across all channels (Word, Images, Video & Audio)
  • Proven ability to establish KPI goals
  • Knowledge in SEO & Social Media
  • Experienced with CMSs (WordPress)
  • Project Management etc.

It would have given a much clearer idea to the Recruiter.

So it may seem just another section but it carries a lot of weight for Profile Selection.

Because in JobsFrontier when any Recruiter visits your Profile, at a very first glance he/ she sees the following info,

Importance of Skills section

So how you are leveraging this section means a lot in Attracting Right Recruiters to your Profile.

So only put those skills in your profile which are Relevant, Practical, Meaningful & can help you achieve what you are aiming for.

Hope you have understood what I have tried to explain here. If you have any question please let me know in the comment section.

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