Salary in Digital Marketing

Don’t look at salary in digital marketing when you are just starting your career!

Because Career in Digital Marketing can be highly rewarding only if you have the right skillset & expertise.

& to gain the right expertise you need to have the right mindset, attitude & hunger for learning.

One thing you should always remember that Digital Marketing is a knowledge-driven industry.

Where each & every moment your knowledge/ expertise will get counted through your work by the boost in sales, improvement in ROI, increase in profit margin, etc.

So there is no shortcut or places to hide or cover-up. That’s why I always recommend to all the newbies, never ever look at the salary at the beginning of your career.

Because that’s the time when you have to acquire as much knowledge possible from whatever means/ resources available to you.

Otherwise, you will get stuck after a certain period of time with respect to remuneration, growth, and prospect.

So if you utilize the beginning of your career wisely as I am suggesting, you will get the return in manifold in the upcoming years.

But the problem is most of the new entrants in this field often get obsessed about salary from the very beginning of their career?

Even with 0 yrs of experiences, they started knitting their high flying digital dreams with 5-6 figures paycheck. But this is a totally wrong approach.

Yes, Digital Marketing can help you achieve that dream one day but for that, you have to keep your arsenal ready with your Real Knowledge, Expertise, Insights & Skill.

Let me share with you a real experience of mine.

Just a few days back I interviewed one candidate for Sr. Social Media Marketing Manager profile. He had 7 years of experience across different paid marketing channels in different organizations.

But the most shocking thing was after talking to him for nearly 15 mins I found that there is a huge mismatch between his real knowledge & what he had mentioned in his resume.

So now tell me, how can I offer the expected salary if my requirements don’t match. This is a real problem.

That’s why I always tell if you are worried about Salary in Digital Marketing field, focus on building your knowledge base first rest will follow you automatically.

Still not convinced? Ok, let me show you some real data* of digital marketing salary trends in India for various profiles across different experience levels.

In India,

# Average Salary of an Entry Level Digital Marketing Professional is around Rs. 3.08 Lakhs/ Annum. It can go up to 6.25 Lakhs/ Annum based on your Expertise & the organization you are working for.

Salary of Digital Marketing Manager

Now just look at the career graph of a Digital Marketing Manager in India. Just tally the salary hike with years of experience added in the portfolio.

Salary Hike with Experience

Average Salary of 5 to 9 years of Experienced professional in this field can be 7.21 LPA. Not bad huh, what you say?

Even an expert in this field in the position of Head/ VP – Digital Marketing can earn up to 30 LPA/ more.

Now the figure can deviate based on your city. It has been found that Employees with the Role of Digital Marketing Manager in Delhi earn 131% more than the national average.

salary on various cities

Now if you look at the holistic picture you will find that the rate at which the digital marketing industry is growing it’s going to be a gold mine from all aspect.

So, you just focus on the craft. Salary will never be an issue in this field. Nops I am not saying the data itself is vouching for that.

*Source: PayScale

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