Why Employers do social media screening

7 Reasons, Why Employers Do Social Media Screening before Hiring?

Looking for a New Job? Then keep your Social Profiles ready for Social Media Screening!

Social Media Screening has become a deciding factor nowadays before Hiring a New Candidate. So are you ready for this?

& if you are into Digital Marketing & looking for a Job in this field then chances are very high that your prospective recruiter will surely have a look at your social presence/ activity.

You must have started thinking, why? Why am I emphasizing on this so much? Does any Employer really care about what I am doing in my personal life?

What do you think? No? Ok, let me give you a stat. It will clear the doubts you have.

According to a recent survey by CareerBuilder, it has been found that

70% of the Employers/ Recruiters check a candidates Social Media Profile during Hiring.

Not only for new Recruits even for the working professionals also it can cause damage. Because

43% of the Employers also even check Social Profiles of their Existing Employees.

So if you thought just after reading the first statistics that as you are already set in your present organization so nothing will come to you. You are wrong.

Nowadays Social Media Screening is equally applicable for all Employees/ Working Professionals irrespective of their stages/ tenures in the organization.

But if you are an old employee of the organization then you may get certain benefits/ leverages but for new recruits, there is no mercy.

If you have a messy Social media profile & somehow your new recruiter found that out then it will be totally depending on that person whether he/ she will want to hire you or not.

Now the question is why? Why Social Media Screening plays such an important role in Hiring?

Ok, here are the reasons. Just have a look.

#Reason 1: To check your Personality

How you are as a person gives a clear signal regarding how will you be as an Employee in an organization.

& our Social Media Profiles are the reflection of that self ours in most of the cases. Because a person can’t fake everything on Social Media in the entire time span.

So sometimes you may have gotten loose, that’s dangerous for your profile. It may come up as a crucial factor for your screening.

#Reason 2: To check your Morality

You may be very good at your work but on the moral ground, you are not. Then?

When an Employer is recruiting you as an employee, it’s also a vital deciding factor. IN the interview anyone can bluff but thoroughly checking someones social timelines can reveal many things.

So don’t do any savage on Social Media. From Moral standpoint, an Employer will check the following points

  • Whether you made/ make in discriminatory comments or not on the public forum.
  • whether you do bad-mouth or not regarding your past employers/ colleagues etc.

#Reason 3: To Justify your Qualifications

You have mentioned all your Qualifications in your CV but to cross check that Recruiters frequently checks your Facebook/ LinkedIn profiles.

Do you know why? Because to find out whether your social media shares or activities justify the qualifications you have mentioned or not.

#Reason 4: To check whether you have a knack or not in the subject

You have applied for the post of Head of Content Marketing but from your activities/ shares/ posts over social media, no one can guess that what you actually do/ are interested in.

Because only your bookish knowledge/ Experience in the paper doesn’t tell anything about your true capability.

As a Recruiter, even I also will prefer such candidate who has real interest on the subject rather someone who only brags about his educationals qualifications.

#Reason 5: Creative ability & Interpersonal skills

More or less every profession needs these two skills to excel. So to check your creative bent of mind, communications skills etc there are no better options cross-checking a person’s various social profiles.

Ranging from Facebook to Quora, if I check thoroughly across all social accounts of a person then automatically an Online persona gets created in the mind.

#Reason 6: Your savviness & proficiency in various medium

This point is mainly required if you are applying for any position related to specifically Digital Marketing vertical.

Employers mainly check how much adaptability you have towards newer medium/ platforms. Above everything how efficiently you manage all the mediums is highly important.

If you someone is that reluctant of maintaining his own profile then it raises a question on his capability of how he will manage for other clients.

#Reason7: Checking into Professional Reference or Recommendation

Real References always plays a crucial role while hiring a new candidate. & to do that there is no better alternative than social media. Especially the professional networks like LinkedIn.

So churning out professional References, Reviews & Recommendation is another point for which recruiters Screen of Social presence.

I hope you have understood, what actually Social Media Screening is & why Employers do rather prefer this.

So keeping this in mind don’t do any kind of goof-up.

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