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21 Astounding Facebook Marketing Stats for All Aspiring Digital Marketers in 2019

Since its inception in 2004, Facebook has emerged as one of the most groundbreaking platforms in Social Media Marketing.

Facebook for Marketing has turned out as a very significant apparatus of every Marketer’s Digital Marketing Arsenal.

It has completely altered the fabric of Traditional Marketing by transforming Human to Business Interaction, Communication & Engagement.

The way people used to interact with any brand before, has totally been changed. Nowadays it has become much more Interactive & Immersive.

As of June 2019, there were 2.41 billion MAU (Monthly Active Users) on Facebook. So can you imagine, how much attention Facebook draws globally?

This is just an example, there are many more such astonishing data that can turn your head.

Today in this article I will share 20 such amazing stats that will not only increase your interest in Facebook Marketing but it will help you to strategize your next Facebook Ad Campaign in a much better fashion.

So if you are an aspiring Digital Marketer who is highly interested to make his/ her career in Social Media Marketing, this article is definitely for you.

Now let’s begin!!!

Do you know?

#1. With striking 270 million + user base, India is holding up the top position in Facebook as per Audience Size. So, if I consider Facebook’s Indian audience base as any country’s population then it will rank 4.

Facebook userbase

#2. Facebook has a massive 1.1 billion users who speak English, which is nearly half of its entire userbase. Next, the most popular languages are Spanish, Indonesian, Arabic & Portuguese.

#3. As per the report, 51% of Teenagers use Facebook. So if you are planning a strategy where you are targeting mostly the teens then you might think twice.

Because, as far as this segment is concerned, YouTube (85%), Instagram (72%) & Snapchat (69%) can be much more effective.

#4. Age group-wise the Top 3 demographic groups are,

    • Men in the age bracket of 25 – 34
    • Men aged 18 – 24
    • Women aged 25 – 34

Audience demographics are a crucial factor when you are planning your next marketing campaign.

#5. Facebook has a large number of users who access it from Mobile & it’s nearly 96%. This clearly shows, Smartphones/ Tablets are the key driving force of Facebook’s enormous traffic.

#6. On an average users spend 35 minutes a day on Facebook. It’s just after watching TV from usage time’s perspective.

So from this, you can guess, why Brands consider it as a major area to invest & delve into for marketing/ promotion.

#7. According to the Global Market Intelligence platform SimilarWeb, Facebook is ranked as 3rd most visited site in the world.

#8. 74% of users check Facebook on a daily basis. Even half of them access Facebook multiple times a day.

#9. Over 80 million small & medium size businesses have pages on Facebook.

That means 8 crores + SMEs use Facebook for Business & among those, 6 million businesses use Facebook to advertise their brand.

#10. 30% of the marketers believe that Facebook gives the highest Return On Investment on Digital Ads.

Though Google Tops the list from search Marketing’s perspective, but when the term Social Media Marketing comes FB is the undisputed king followed by Instagram.

#11. It has been found that Engagement becomes 18% higher on Thursdays & Fridays. So according to that you can schedule your post & strategize campaign for better results.

#12. Facebook is a big crush among Millenials that’s why 35% of it’s Ad audience is aged between 25 to 34 years.  So who says that FB isn’t cool anymore?

#13. Gender distribution wise, 83% women & 75%, men use Facebook.

#14. 43% of Users consume daily news from Facebook, which means to 43% of users FB is the primary news source.

Whenever it comes to Content Google Tops the list from Search & Facebook from Social Media.

#15. 3 – 4% of FB profiles are fake. In 2014 it was around 14% but currently, the number has been lowered due to some strict measures taken by them.

For every digital marketer, it’s a vital factor & everyone should know it. Because from this percentage you can estimate error margin on the Likes/ Engagement you are getting.

#16. The average CPC of a Facebook Ad is $1.86. But it varies based on which industry you are catering into.

As per WordStream’s report, the cheapest industry is Apparel ($0.45), followed by Travel/ Hospitality & Retail. The most costly Industry is Finance & Insurance ($3.77).

Facebook CPC Report

#17. Usually, people like to spend 3x as much time watching a Live Video than any pre-recorded one. Live Streaming on Facebook gains 3 times more attention than pre-produced video.

#18. Average Organic Reach of Facebook Pages is steadily decreasing with every newsfeed algorithm update. Even the engagement rate is also going down organically.

It’s a signal that you have to maintain a balance between your Organic & Paid strategy.

#19. For B2B & B2C businesses Facebook is the Top platform. 98% of the B2C & 89% of the B2B businesses use Facebook actively.

As per the Social Media Examiner report, “54% of B2B Marketers say that Facebook is their most important Social Media Platform“.

#20. You can reach out to over 2 billion people via Facebook Ad. Obviously it’s a broad figure but the market size is this huge.

#21. From Brand Engagement’s perspective, 49% of users like any Facebook page to support a brand. On the other hand, 40% of users don’t like any paid adverts of any brand for reaching them.


So, all the above-mentioned data/ stats clearly shows why Facebook for Marketing plays such an important role to win your Social Media Marketing (Digital Marketing) battle.

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