How to choose the right digital marketing course

10 Effective Ways to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Course for Your Career!

Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Course is not only difficult but it’s utterly confusing!

Especially nowadays when there are hundreds of options out there & everyone is claiming they are offering the best Digital Marketing Training Course in the market.

If we just go back five years down the line, then also the situation was not like this but in the last couple of years, the scenario has drastically been changed.

With the increasing demand for skilled digital marketing professionals globally, the Training/ Education vertical has also grown in leaps & bounds.

Currently, there are over thousands of Digital Marketing Training Courses available in the market both in Online & offline mode if I’m not making any mistake.

So how will you pick up the best one or the right one for your career? Which will not only give you the best return but that will also fit in your budget?

Let me help you in this through some practical insights which I have gained from my long enough experience in this field.

So let’s find out, how to choose the Best Digital Marketing Course for Your Career?

#1. Understand your Requirements first: What’s your objective?

Because until & unless your objective is crystal clear you will never be able to choose the right course.

So ask yourself,

  • What do you want to achieve from this course?
  • Do you want to start your own business & want to get a job?
  • Is time/ tenure a constraint to you or you can spend a year in this?
  • Does the certificate matters to you or it is the main thing?
  • Do you have a deep pocket or money is a constraint?
  • Do you need placement after completion of the course or it’s not required?

I have just given some examples. So ask these questions to yourself first before start digging.

Once you get through it, you will get a clear idea about what you actually want. After that, choosing the right digital marketing course will be much easier.

This is the stepping stone in your analysis.

Now let’s delve deeper to find out what specific things you should look for to pick up the Best Digital Marketing Course for you based on your objective.

#2. Course Structure: The balance between Theoretical & Practical aspects

It’s a very important thing. If a course is only filled up with all theoretical jargon & very less exposure to the practicalities then it’s of no use. You can mark my word for this.

Some people may argue with this but I strictly believe that even to start your career in Digital Marketing with a good company & better salary you need to have a solid grasp over the practical side of the subject.

So, when you are skimming through various course curriculums try to look at how much importance or weightage they give for Theory & Practical.

#3. Does the Course give you access to various leading Marketing Tools?

One thing you should always keep in mind that, to become a successful Digital Marketer only the subject matter knowledge is not enough.

You need to be equally hands on to various marketing automation tools like,

  • SEMrush for Keyword Research & Link Building Strategy
  • Screaming Frog for In-depth Website Audit
  • Moz & many others

Without the help of these tools, you will never be able to run a digital marketing campaign efficiently & profitably.

Because when you are into Digital Marketing you can’t forget about ROI & Profitability for a single moment, & with 100% manual effort, achieving/ delivering that desired ROI on TIME isn’t just difficult but nearly impossible.

So while you are searching the right course for you, try to find out which courses offer maximum exposure & free access to different premium digital marketing tools.

#4. Now, what about the Faculties/ Trainers?

Yes; Quality of the Instructor plays a big role in making or breaking your career.

& when the subject is Digital Marketing then you should always look for,

  • Who are the faculties
  • Their past experiences,
  • Reputation &
  • Contributions to this field.

Why am I asking you of being so critical?

Because the field you have chosen (Digital Marketing) is a highly competitive one & to stay ahead of the curve you need to learn the tricks of the trade.

And this is only possible when you will be in the field for a long time. But as a student how is it possible?

So there the role comes of a real teacher. Only a great teacher can give you those lessons from his years of experience.

#5. Is there any Live Internship facility available?

Many of the Digital Marketing programs comes with Live Internship facility after the completion of the course.

It’s basically to groom yourself better for the real job scenario. Most of the times the employers also give it an upper hand for freshers recruitment.

So never forget to check this particular point.

The course might be very in-depth & delivered by great faculties but until you get to work on real life situation the course/ training never gets completed.

So always do a thorough inquiry whether the course you have chosen offers any live internship or not.

If yes then,

  • What about its duration?
  • Is it paid/ unpaid?
  • Will it be conducted in the institute premises or they will place you in a different company?
  • After completion what will you get (Any certification/ recommendation)?

Once get all the answers you can move forward.

#6. What about the Placement support?

Another vital point. When you have decided to spend some serious money on a Professional Course, definitely you have the Placement option in your mind, right?

Now if you don’t require it, that’s a different thing but what about those who need it?

There are many Courses which offer assured placement after completion but there are many which don’t give such facilities.

So it’s on you, based on your requirements & necessity you have to pick the course.

Because getting a job as a fresher is much more difficult than switching after certain years of experience.

That’s why if you get a good placement after completion of the course, your career will be much smoother.

So try to find out as much detail possible on placement.

#7. How much weightage the Certificate carries?

Though it’s a matter of debate because there are many people who believe that in Digital Marketing real knowledge speaks. A Certificate is just another piece of paper.

But I think as an aspiring Digital Marketer if you have an industry recognised certificate backed by your rock-solid knowledge that will be much more effective.

So you should always look for such a course which offers an Industry Recognised Certificate after completion.

Because it will not only be a great value addition for your profile but it will also help you to make a solid entry in your career.

#8. Check what the community is saying: Reviews, Ratings & Feedbacks

If you have followed all the 7 Tips I have given here then you definitely have gathered a significant amount of information on various Digital Marketing Courses.

Based on those information you might have made up your mind partially or filtered out a few programs out of so many.

But have you cross-verified it? If not then you should otherwise you are just taking your career’s decision based on some one-sided information declared by official sources.

It may sound harsh but it’s the fact. As the Owner/ Creator of an Institute/ Training program, I will never say it sucks. Right?

So before taking any final decision visit different third party authority platforms like,

  • Google Reviews,
  • Trustpilot
  • Niche Blogs,
  • Forums
  • Directories etc.

& check what peoples are really saying about your preferred course. You may find various opinions here but remember these are the authentic ones (mostly).

So never take a chance & try to find out as much information possible.

#9. Have you talked to any of the past students?

Besides curating Reviews/ Ratings/ Feedbacks from various sources, Talking to the ex-students directly can always give you better insights about everything you have found out till now.

It might not be easy but don’t skip this. Search widely, even if necessary connect with the respective authority & ask them to give a few names of their ex-students.

Once you get the contact (s), approach them via email/ ph & try to clear all your doubts.

#10. Now it’s the Time to Talk to the Authorities directly & take a Final Call

If you have followed all the 9 points stated here religiously then you must have 2 sets of information at your disposal,

  • The information you curated from your research &
  • The cross-verified data you have collected from various third party sources

Based on these collected inputs, you must have narrowed down your options, Right? Let’s say, the number is 3.

Now it’s the time to take a final call & to do that, the best possible way is just pickup the phone and talk to the Authorities directly of the respective 3 courses.

As you are backed by a large pool of data, so you will easily be able to argue with them if anything feels unjustified.

Also while you are in this process of discussion don’t forget the topics related to,

  • Final Course Fees
  • Payment Terms &
  • Is there any hidden clause?

Once you go through this, all set. Now you would easily be able to pick that course out of 3 options which is right for you.

So follow the tips & pick the Best Digital Marketing Course to jumpstart in your career.

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